Strategi Bauran Komunikasi Pemasaran Di Daeraah Pedesaan


  • Bunga Fandila
  • Fitalia Agus


Strategy, Communication, Marketing Mix


Marketing communication mix strategy is basically a comprehensive, integrated plan in the field of marketing that provides guidelines on actions that must be conquered to achieve the marketing objectives of a company and one of the factors that greatly influences the number of visitors at an agritourism object because it is a design that influences the community in various ways so that people know, then are interested in visiting and even visiting again for tourists who have already visited. This study aims to determine and find a tourism marketing communication mix strategy. qualitative research and using descriptive methods. the results of the research Gunung Mas Bogor Agrotourism with the application of the marketing mix (marketing mix) 7P (product, price, place, promotion, people, process, phsycal evidence). By applying a low price for admission to Gunung Mas Bogor Agrotourism. Promotion through Print Media, Social Media, and Electronic Media. Cooperate with various kinds of Media, Stakeholders, Government, Tour & Travel, Hotels and private companies to work together and cooperate in the marketing communication mix strategy carried out by the management of Gunung Mas Bogor Agrotourism.




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