Hak asasi manusia untuk mengutarakan pendapat di media social


  • Fithrotin Nikmah
  • Putra Pratama


Law, Human Right, Social Media


Freedom of opinion can now not only be exercised in associations, but now freedom of opinion can be exercised on social media. Freedom of opinion on social media is a form of fulfilling the human rights of every individual. Social media is often a place for people to express their opinions. However, this freedom can also have far-reaching impacts on society. The increasing number of active social media users as time goes by has adopted the internet in Indonesia. Currently, Indonesia is ranked third in active Twitter users after Brazil and the United States. This shows how dynamic social media is and its influence on media development in Indonesia. Social media can be accessed by anyone, including children. Therefore, social media users must know the importance of cultivating a sense of tolerance and expanding knowledge to keep up with current developments.





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Fithrotin Nikmah, & Putra Pratama. (2023). Hak asasi manusia untuk mengutarakan pendapat di media social. KONSENSUS : Jurnal Ilmu Politik Dan Komunikasi, 2(1), 1–15. Retrieved from https://journal.appisi.or.id/index.php/konsensus/article/view/32